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Why to develop Mobile Application ?

Posted by bhoopendra on 28 February, 2017
Category: Mobile Apps

Now a days Mobile Phones are became part of people. All of us spent at least few minutes to browse things on internet that can be news, buy  online products, order a pizza, transfer money, social media like Facebook etc. As I said for few minutes and many of us also spent hrs on browsing these things. It was an era when people had one TV at home and at evening they were to gather in common hall to watch it. or morning morning we was to wait for newspaper, by dividing paper into pages. Youth was hurry to take Movies and Sports special pages and same craze was for local news for uncle ji. It is changed now, smartphones are coming with new-2 technologies/features in one mobile TV, Music, Live Streaming, Mobile Bank, Wallet.  So now youth install their interested applications into their mobile and uncle install their interested applications into their mobile.


For businesses to reach their customer they had several medium of communications like Newspaper ads, TV Ads, Sign boards etc. these mediums are old, can say had less customer reach through this way. It is replaced by Internet through Website & Mobile Apps.


businesses are advertising their ads on internet. Apart from advertisement, business also need to their own brand availability on internet so customer can reach to them through internet, that can a Mobile Application development or Website Development. When we talk about Mobile Apps Development than it also come with different platform Android Apps Development, iOS Apps Development, Windows Apps Development.


For a Start UP, It is hard to develop app for all mobile platform in start as it cos higher for them. So I would suggest to refine their customers who are going to bind with their business and giving more value/profit to their business idea or products. I take one CASE from INDIA. In India about 80% of smartphones are Android Phones and only 2-3% are iOS phones. you do not decide only by these calculations that India has 80% market share for Android so we should start from Android. Because that is only market share. It did not conclude that these 80% are going to your customers. For that Businesses/Startup need to analyse what is their product and to whom they are going to sell their products/services.


Once you had decided that what to build than next step come who will build this App for you. and why to choose them to build your App? This is one very important factor to get your Apps Success. Planing idea is one and things and executing that idea perfectly on ground that is very important.