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If you need "Hire Node JS Developer" in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon India who can deliver as per your requirements then you have landed on the right website. I am a NODE JS developer with years of experience in developing custom applications and API for businesses across industry.

Hire Node JS Developer Delhi Bangalore Noida India
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NodeJS is an open source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for developing a variety of both server-side and user-side applications. Node.js uses an event Driven, non-blocking i/o model that makes it very light weight and efficient. They are highly preferred in data intensive and real time applications like Games, Chat Engines, etc. It has allowed developers to develop function rich, performance optimized application with speed and efficiency. It allows code re-usability and extensive customization to build bespoke solutions for clients. But to leverage true potential of NodeJS you need a knowledgeable and experienced developer who has wide industry exposure in developing industry standard, complex application. I am quite equipped with not just Node.JS only, but also other completing technologies such as Front-end JavaScripts such as Jquery, Backbone.Js, Angular.JS or Databases such as MYSQL, POSTGRESSQL, MongoDB (NOSQL) and Big Data techniques. Hire Node.JS developer as me and consider me as your own in-house employee in hire period. I am a dedicated and committed to work full time freelancer.

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Why Hire Node JS Developer is your best option than Node JS Development Company?

If you are a small business looking for custom application development your best bet is a developer who is flexible, knowledgeable and affordable.

Freelancers enjoy certain mileage over established development firms, especially for small businesses and SMEs. First off, they would directly work with you and understand your requirements. Whereas, most large development companies don’t allow clients directly communicate with their developer’s team. As a result, information gets lost in between when you communicate through account managers or business development officers. This issue can be eliminated while you work with a developer.

Moreover, you can decide about project completion time, adjust deadline or requirements – in a word you enjoy more control over your project. As a professional freelancer with years of experience I have always felt that working directly with clients allow me to execute projects more efficiently and I can discuss with them about scopes, limitation and sometimes improvements on their existing plans.  The result of which is a long list of successful projects.

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 Node.js Development Services with me

Hire Node JS Developer, I am Experienced NODE JS Developer Freelancer having longstanding software development experience who can clearly lead and guide you throughout your project, experienced with all the major technology platforms, which allow to play a big role in building impressive applications. I have worked on various projects using the Node.js platform.

  • Real time chat applications development using node js
  • Heavy load web applications using node js
  • Real time statistics display using node js
  • Ecommerce, shopping cart development using nodejs
  • Interactive application development using nodejs backend technologies
  • Application & system monitoring dashboard using node js Development
  • Custom application development
  • Web APIS Development using NODE JS Backend
  • Mobile APIS Development using NODE JS Backend Technologies
  • Content management tool
  • Ajax development
  • Plug-ins development
  • Portal development

Technical Expertise –

  • Core Node.JS technology
  • Well versed in JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, etc
  • Proficient in HTML5, AJAX, the DOM, JavaScript and JS libraries, HTTP, HTML5, CSS3, W3C standards and compliance requirement
  • Experience in Database programming such as MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, NOSQL (MONGODB)
  • Both a self-starter and ability to work well in a distributed remote team
  • Clear and logical thinker, communicates well
  • Reliable, hard-working, high integrity, positive/can-do attitude, creative problem-solving approach

Personal Attributes

Ethics: Be honest and trustworthy
Respect: Be professional and courteous
Quality: Yield specimen integrity and compliance
Efficiency: Be proactive and autonomous
Service: Provide exceptional customer service

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If you are looking for Hire Node JS Developer Freelancer in Banglore, Delhi, Gurgaon region and all over India then contact me today. I work on project basis to ensure that you get the best service and speedy development.  Mail me your requirements and we can discuss about your scopes on an urgent basis. Simply send us the details and requirement at bhoopendra.ninja@gmail.com, and I will get back to you with sure within 5-6 hours! I can also discuss over skype or call. Provide us your contact details or skype handle for instant communication.

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